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Kitchen sinks

Sirex Collection

SIREX is a composite electrosinks collection which includes two patented news: the Compact Draining System (S.I.R.) and the Heat stop board (H.S.B.) that dissipates the accumulated heat.

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Outdoor Showers


Inoxstyle, based in Versilia (Italy), produces showers and other items of furniture in stainless steel for pool, beach, garden and luxury yachts. Its products are characterized by a sophisticated design, a well cared construction and the use of high quality materials...

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Make your own espresso

Coffee makers

Prepares every variation of espresso and milk-based drinks, as well as the classic cup of coffee, warm milk and hot water for other beverages...

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Kitchen Hoods

Designed and made by listening to people's needs and desires, Elica products incorporate the essence of made in Italy in innovative solutions capable of meeting the food and home habits across the world.

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400 Series Ovens

The ovens 400 series has a striking presence in a room — the appliance’s strong character is emphasized by the use of selected materials such as solid stainless steel

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Moma design

Free standing, corian, Made in Italy

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